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The network »Environmental Defenders« offers legal counselling and expert support to NGOs and civil initiatives and affected individuals in the field of environmental protection, nature conservation and spatial planning. It is operated by the Legal-Informational Centre for NGOs, Slovenia – PIC, which has the status of acting in the public interest in environmental protection on national level. PIC is also a member of Plan B (NGO network for sustainable development), Mreža za prostor (NGO netork for sustainable spatial planning) and international NGO network Justice & Environment. The network of environmental defenders consists of environmental lawyers which participate in projects and legal counselling carried out by PIC. We initiate or participate in environmental procedures important for protection common public interest in environmental protection.

On our webpage we offer free legal aid (like first legal advice) in the area of environmental protection and spatial planning (Zelena svetovalnica) free for everyone. Also there is user free presentation of regulation of environmental protection, spatial planning and construction permitting procedures and systems on subpage Postopki. More useful additional expert readings are available in our E-library.

We are legal experts on environmental protection and spatial planning on international, EU and national level, speciallyAnglesko be:

  • access to justice in environmental and spatial planning systems and procedures (national and EU level), specially: all environmental assessments and permits, spatial planning, construction permits, environmental liability;
  • protection of endangered species,
  • extended producer responsibility and waste management
  • climate change.

And we offer legal counselling and comparative analysis on all areas of our expert knowledge.

You can contact us on info@zagovorniki-okolja.si.